ANOTHER TF Movie Trailer Attached To Spider-Man 3?

Everyone knows that if they want to see the new astf trailer this weekend they should go see Shrek The Third, but according to Paramount's own Marketing Materials website, there's a new trailer attached to Sony's Spider-Man 3 starting this weekend as well!

"Trailers #3 debuts this week on SHREK THE THIRD and Trailer #4 debuts this week on "Spider Man 3." Standees, 2nd set of Teaser 1-Sheets and Trailers are available."

According to the site both are 2:30 long, so they might be the same trailer and the designation merely an internal one. This is a great opportunity for anyone who hasn't seen Spidey yet, or anyone with a distaste for ogres and Justin Timberlake.  Thanks to an anonymous but very sexy tipster for the news.