ANOTHER New Transformers Movie TV Spot

"Their cheerleader. Our world." 

{mosimage}Last night it was FOX, tonight it was NBC. At about 8:38PM Eastern Time, "Heroes" became the latest struggling network television show to get a giant boost in viewership thanks to the ratings juggernaut that is a new astf commercial.

As with last night's ad, it's a lot of old footage and a little bit of new footage, mostly in some new dialogue from the soldiers and a new voiceover. And as with last night's ad, the new robot action comes courtesy of Scorponok, whom we now see bursting out of the sand from a different angle and not in slow-motion. 

And also as with last night's ad, we've made sure you've got a way to see it (on YouTube) and talk about it (in lonegamer8's thread, which also contains some screenshots and download links).

*UPDATE* Ain't It Cool has posted a Quicktime version.