Alt. Rodimus: Confirmed SDCC Exclusive

{mosimage}The San Diego Comic-Con has issued their latest Comic-Con Update Magazine, and page 46 confirms that the Alternators Ford GT Rodimus we saw on eBay a while back will be an exclusive for the show. The magazine also re-confirms Titaniums Menasor (coincidentally, a Rodimus Prime repaint) as an additional SDCC exclusive.

Both are listed as being offered by, so they may be available in limited quantities from Hasbro's online store, as Nemesis Prime was last year. Unlike most other toys featured on the page, there is no limited quantity specified for Rodimus.

The San Diego Comic-Con will take place July 26-29 in San Diego, California. Click here to view the Update magazine in PDF format. Thanks to TFW2005 for the news.