Wanna Drive Some Transformers? Fire Up Flatout 2 And Roll out!

{mosimage} A Finnish NTFA member; Feikki, is working on a mod for Flatout 2 and have made several skins for the cars in this game, adding an incredible nice touch to the styling and basically making the cars look like Transformers. Some of them are clearly based on the Alternator/Binaltech designs, while other are more G1 styled. So far there is skins/convertions for G1 Prowl, G1 Smokescreen, G1 Tracks, Alternator Nemesis Prime among others. The skins are very detailed and looks awesome, and there is a lot of potential for some cool TF influenced racing for those with a copy of the game.  

Go here to check out all the images over at NTFA, and if you want to find out more about the game in case you don't have it but want it now after seeing the screenshots in the thread (Like me….) you can go here and check out a review. 

Many thanks to Feikki of NTFA for sharing this with the fandom!