Walmart 6″ Titanium Listings Confirmed

Late Saturday night we reported on a thread over at TFW2005 which claimed to detail numerous new Walmart computer entries for Transformers Titanium toys.  Although the timing and source of the information seemed legitimate, the proximity to April 1st and the somewhat fanwanky nature of the listings left many people calling shenanigans.

We determined to get to the bottom of this and find out for sure: hoax, or truth?  Based on some helpful instructions from Powered Convoy, we called Walmart and asked them to do an Item Inquiry on one of the UPC's, chosen at random, Cosmos.  That UPS number comes up "ts classics c" for $15.88.  Well, that doesn't comfirm it for sure…"c" could be anything.  So we called another Walmart store and gave them the UPC which purported to be for Arcee.  It comes up "ts g1 arcee".  Looks like this is legit!  Now, as to whether any of these are real Hasbro products planned for release, or yet another sacrificial cow, sitting upon the altar of a fizzled out toy line, that remains to be determined.

You can post your thoughts on this in this continuing thread!