Updated: New Look, New Products, & Dreadwing!

{mosimage}Hasbro's Transformers site web site has undergone a massive overhaul, getting a new astf skin and giving us a look at a bunch of movie toys!

We get our first official shots of many products we've seen before in low-res promotional/spy/auction photos, such as BeatMix Bumblebee, the FABs, the plush toys, Cyber Stompers and Cyber Slammers.

Probably the most exciting is the first good image of Deluxe Dreadwing, the movie tie-in video game drone. He seems to be accidentally revealed on Wreckage's product page, and we've mirrored the photos in our Gallery just in case Hasbro fixes the error.

Most of the completely new items are more games than toys: puzzles, the totally-not-Rock-Em-Sock-Em-Robots-we-swear Robot Fighters,  and the Battling Card Game. And thanks to our own Skunka-who? for this tip: clicking on Optimash Prime provides a handy full list of all the products in the site, including the new movie Legends that don't seem to have their own menu.

Visit the new site for yourself, and check out all the goods!