Transformers: Battle For The Allspark Game Live!

The Transformers: Battle For The Allspark game is now online at! The online game is designed to tie in to the astf console game, and uses the same drone designs as its playable characters. As a result, during the character selection process we get our first look at full robot-mode renders of the drones, plus a desktop-worthy image of Bumblebee and Barricade with their battle-masks on!

The game itself is fairly simple turn-based combat. Choose one of the drone robots to be your character, choose a faction, then locate online opponents on a world map. Choose from a series of attacks to "fight" your opponent, and the outcome of your battle will notch one side a tiny bit closer to world domination… and according to the press release, closer to special exclusive content and prizes!

Check out to play, and discuss it in our Movie Forum.