Transformers 3D Card Game Site Live!

Wizards of the Coast has set up a new web site for their upcoming Transformers 3D Battle Card Game. The site includes details, rules, a FAQ, and images of some of the cards. As we learned a while back, each pack of collectible cards includes punch-out cardboard representations of two Transformers characters, which can be assembled into 3D versions of both robot and alt-mode. 

The game is set in the astf universe, including characters from the movie, comics and video games. But there are also some updated "movie-style" renditions of characters from G1 and other continuities, as well as a few that appear wholly original.

The Transformers 3D Battle Card Game will be released on June 2. Click here to visit the site, and discuss it in Slander's thread in our Movie Forum.

Update! Dr. Syn and Spectre have mined out the pictures of the "hidden" bots, including Smokescreen, Protoform Bumblebee, and Longarm.  You can view the pictures starting here.