Thrust “fans” will be thrilled!

The third Botcon exclusive has been revealed, the last of the six main seekers, the one everyone was waiting for on pins and needles!  Thrust has been shown, and features remolded wings complete with VTOL fans!  You can see the full-sized pics at the Botcon website, and discuss this in our forums here.

products.  I recently met with the entire DST Team, they are passionate
collectors & designers, highly energetic, and an extremely nice group of
guys and gals – very impressive operation overall:

–BATTLESTAR CYLON SIX BUST:  The beautiful Cylon Six in her iconic
low-cut red dress is now up for preorder at $42.99.  This item is limited
to a mere 1000 pieces – don't miss out on the start of a big wave of new
Battlestar Merchandise for 2007 and 2008!

–STAR TREK – AMOK TIME STATUES:  A great looking new 3-piece set of
statues from the famous Amok Time episode where Kirk battles Spock.
Limited to only 1000 pieces, we have the set of 3 listed at $55 below MSRP

–STAR TREK – DEEP SPACE NINE FIGURES:  A brand new series of figures has
just been announced.  We have full sets of 4 figures up for preorder at
$47.99.  This set includes the Previews Exclusive Odo figure as well as
the chase variant Ezri Dax.

–BACK TO THE FUTURE MINIMATES:  Its hard not to watch this movie when
flipping through the channels,  DST brings us a cool set of minimates
including Marty, Doc, Lorraine & Biff for just $12.99.

–OFFICE SPACE – BILL LUMBERGH:  This cool new figure comes with a sound
chip that repeats several of Bill's best lines from Office Space.  We have
it priced at $17.99 and don't miss out on Milton as well:

–MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS:  We have a variety of new items up for preorder
including:  Winter Soldier Bust, Red Skull Icons Bust, Origins Thor
Statue, Jean Grey Premiere Statue, Kitty Pryde Clear Bust, Rogue "Picnic"
Variant, and Icons Symbiote Spider-man Bust.

–MOUSE GUARD PVC SET:  A cool new set of PVC figures in the enormous 1:1
life size scale of about 3" is now up for preorder at $17.99

–SPIDER-MAN 3 STATUES:  The Rise of Venom and Eddie Brock Statues are now
up for preorder at $134.99 and $209.99 each.  We previewed these recently
and both are extremely cool – the Eddie Brock statue is amazingly complex
– check out the silhouette photos here:

MASTER REPLICAS SPIDER-MAN 3:  M.R. will be releasing scaled replicas of
Spider-Man's mask in both red and black versions as well as a Black Suit
Spider-Man on Church Tower statue – check these cool new items out here:

THE BEATLES:  Medicom brings us a cool new Kubrick set of all four Beatles
in their "Can't Buy Me Love" outfits.  Preorder now at $39.99

THE BIG LEBOWSKI:  Bif Bang Pow! has created a very cool new set of
figures – The Dude (His Dudeness, Duder) and Walter are available for
$33.99 here:

FLASH GORDON MOVIE:  Another cool release from Bif Bang Pow!  Alex Ross
designed the very cool Ming the Merciless and Flash Gordon figures – up
for preorder now at $29.99 each.

MY LITTLE PONY 25TH ANNIVERSARY:  Get 6 of the original ponies in a pair
of retro 3-packs for just $34.99 – coming this summer from Hasbro.

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA:  We've added a special edition version of the
Rudy 1/7 PVC statue.  Be sure to check out all his other masterpieces:

Thanks for your interest in – Please be sure to
check out some of the many new items listed above and dont' forget to save
30% on thousands of older items that are now on sale.


Joel & The BBTS Crew