Simon Furman with IDW Beast Wars teasers

Simon Furman has posted some new tidbits on his blog about the upcoming Beast Wars projects coming out near the end of the summer. Expect to see more of what's going on at Cybertron in Beast Wars:The Ascending, and also expect to see profiles of BW characters from store to convention exclusives. Post your comments in the thread from Shockprowl04 here, or read the post by clicking "read more" below.


"Just wrapped the script for the first issue (of four) of IDW’s (Transformers) Beast Wars (vol 2): The Ascending, and I thought I’d share (what I can) of the content with you. Rest assured, these occasional script-wrap digressions will always be teasers rather than spoilers. So, what can I tell you? Well, for a start, expect a whole lot more Cybertron than in The Gathering (vol 1… now available as a handy-dandy TPB, in case you’re interested). We get a good look in on the planetary status quo, focusing on the overall command structure/hierarchy and special groups such as ‘The Pack.’ And… it’s there we meet our new ‘big bad.’ And I do mean “big.” What else? Well, we also see how Razorbeast and his earthbound (chronally displaced) Maximals are doing (and what Ravage’s Preds are up to). We find out what happened to Magmatron, and we learn the ultimate fate of Cybertron (and this is just issue #1!). Phew. Out at about the same time as The Ascending (poss. August, maybe Sept… TBC), we (finally) have the Beast Wars Profiles series I co-wrote (a while back) with’s Ben Yee. That (four issue) series pretty much encompasses every Beast Wars character from every toy line and TV show, including convention and store exclusives. V. useful it proved too, when it came to write The Ascending, as there’s more than the occasional nod to the Japanese BW series (and characters!). Oh, art on the Ascending, barring the man blowing some kind of artistic fuse (which is always possible, the rate he goes), is Don Figueroa (who else?). Art on the profiles book is by, well, just about everyone!"