Sector 7 Scout Class Hardtop and Signal Flare

{mosimage}Chinese website TFclub has posted two pictures of what appear to be Sector 7-themed redecos of Energon Signal Flare and Cybertron Hardtop.  If you look carefully at some of the on-set pictures, or do a frame-by-frame analysis of the trailers, you'll see wrecked black dune buggies in the background of several shots– perhaps Hardtop is meant to be a transforming version of one of those?  He's even got a specially remolded Sector 7 cyber key (originally the Planet X Cyber Key).  More information, as always, when it develops.  Since TFClub's site tends to load extremely slowly for anyone outside China, we've mirrored the images in our galleries.  You can discuss the images in Type-Q's thread here.