Overseas TF News Roundup: Game, G1 DVD’s, TF Licensee, NZ Alternators

Lots of news coming from around the world today; here's a list for your perusal:

Thumbs Up (UK) Ltd has obtained the license for a multitude of Transformers merchandise in the UK.  Included in the license are light-up T-shirts, USB novelties for computers, and more!  You can read the press release over at Transformers @ The Moon.

– A new Top Trumps game is in the works from the Winning Moves company.  Read more about that here.

– The They Are Among Us crew has posted up information that Madman Entertainment will be putting out a special edition DVD of the movie along with a complete G1 series box set.

– Good and bad news for New Zealand Transfans.  Starscream NZ of the Transformers New Zealand message forum has gotten a response from Hasbro NZ stating that while FARMERS may be carrying Ravage and Rumble, there are no plans to provide Titanium toys in New Zealand at this time.  Thanks to Seibertron for the link.