New Letter from Agent X!

Thanks to Kevin S, a new letter from Agent X (working against those dastardly fellows at is now available. It would seem to indicate new information would be available given the release of a new name – RisingDragon – yet so far, no luck. You can click read more to read the letter, or comment on it on the forum thread here.

The newest letter:


I want to congratulate you on a successful beginning. I have seen your work
and have been impressed. Especially with Master Fwiffo (who was the first
to leak the Agent Weaving information) and takara83 (who was the first to
join the evidence campaign), RisingDragon has also proved himself extremely

Now we must build on the foundation you've created. We need more. More
evidence (videos, photos, eyewitness accounts) and more dedicated crusaders
to help expose Sector Seven. We can't win the information war if the public
only listens to Sector Seven's lies. Just look at all the money they've
already put into this counter-information campaign. Hundreds of millions.
We don't have that kind of funding on our side. But we do have the truth,
the will, and the technology to reach the entire free world. They may be
able to silence some, but they cannot silence the entire world.

Sector Seven must be stopped. Spread the word.

And I just wanted to mention that we officially have a new ally in our
struggle. I'm sure you'll all get to know her better in time.