New G1 Cartoon DVD Box Set In Australia

{mosimage}The Allspark's own Optimus Prowl has discovered a listing for a new 17-disc  box set of the original Transformers cartoon series, set for release on 27 June in Australia. The set comes in a swanky tin box featuring Optimus and Megatron on a G1 box-art grid background, and includes some excellent special features:

  • Limited Edition Collector's Tin with Retro Toy Box Packaging
  • Interviews with key figures from Transformer's 20 year history
  • Animated Public Service Announcements
  • Historical trailers
  • Scripts & storyboards
  • Interview and commentary with Voice Director Wally Burr
  • Television commercials
  • 16 page booklet containing exclusive comic by Simon Furman!

Note that the set will be in PAL format and locked to Region 4, which means it won't play on most non-Australian DVD players. Click here to view the full details on, and click here to continue the discussion in Optimus Prowl's thread!