Movie News Roundup: USA Today Ad, LaBeouf Sounds Off, New Auctions

Two news bits for those following the astf press scene:

– The advertising blitz continues with a giant full-page advertisement in USA Today today.  It's a teaser of the eye overlooking the planet and the URL of the movie website.  Thanks to Allsparker Kup for posting this here!

– The Collider entertainment news website has posted a short interview with Shia LaBeouf about astf.  In addition to talking about being a Mac user and the hazards of his job, he discusses the number of set pieces (20) and other aspects of the film. 

– Three new auctions of interest (Thanks to TFW2005 for the links!).  The images have been mirrored in our gallery, which you can find by clicking on each item:

   1) Optimus Prime Voice-changer helmet in-package pictures
   2) Starscream Barrel-roll Blaster
   3) Authentic Action Megatron (non-transforming)