Merchandising, Merchandising, Merchandising: More Transformers Movie Stuff

{mosimage}Seibertron has a report about yet another company producing astf goods. This time, it's PopBox Collectibles, whose own site reveals a list of their movie-related products:

 – 9" electronic character busts
 – 3D character magnets
 – Dangler Q-Blox Figures *UPDATE* Image!
 – "Transformer-Wear" iron-on patches
 – Zipper/backpack/mobile phone danglers
 – iPod, PSP, DS Lite, & mobile phone carrying cases

Note: The site specifies that the carrying cases are reserved for "serious Transformers fans." It's not revealed what sort of test will be administered at stores to prevent poseurs and Johnnies-come-lately from purchasing those specific items. Hopefully that will be clarified on June 2, when the site promises the "full list with images" will be posted.

For now, click over to Seibertron to see the original post, and a scanned image of the 3D character magnets. 

*UPDATE* Seibertron has posted an  image of the Q-Blox Danglers