Japanese Predacon Howlinger Teaser

The recently released Beast Wars Anniversary toys in Japan include a toy catalogue, and a sharp-eyed Allsparker has noticed something interesting in the corner.  Monocle, also of ASM, posted the following:

"…The stuff we have seen is of course listed, and divided up into respective faction sides. At the bottom though, things get interesting. On the Maximal side is a blacked out Rhinox, so no surprises there, but on the Predacon side we have a blacked out Wolfang/Howlinger."

Can we expect a new Predacon Howlinger toy?  Perhaps a K-9 reissue?  Post your theories here!

UPDATE: "Matt" has sent a news submission reminding us that we've already SEEN this toy when the BW anniversary toys were first shown.  You can see that image, along with two from the DVD that came with the existing toys, here!