Hasbro.com Movie Toy Listings

Hasbro.com's Dutch section has added official photos of five of the first wave of astf toys!  Click below for the individual links, which include pictures of the toys in robot mode and vehicle mode as well as in-package.  Hasbro.com's US site has pages up for these items but no images or information yet.

Deluxe Brawl (US page)
Deluxe Barricade (US page)
Deluxe Bumblebee ('74 Camaro) (US page)
Deluxe Autobot Jazz (US page)
Deluxe Scroponok (Scorponok) (US page)

Thanks to TFW2005 for the heads-up!  You can also click "read more" to see a ton of Hasbro.com placeholders which may or may not be updated at some point in the future with actual product information.

UPDATE: The images have been taken down, but you can still find them in our Image Gallery!

Here are a list of Hasbro pageholders.  Some are obvious in nature and some are a mystery.  Some appear to be for other countries.  Please keep in mind that these pages may be updated with pictures and information in the future, or they may not update them at all.  There may also be duplicates, as Hasbro has been known to list an item under multiple or incorrect item numbers.

Transformers Sticker Puzzle – 70 Pieces
Transformers Puzzle – 100 Pieces
Transformers Puzzle – 100 Pieces
Transformers Puzzle – 100 Pieces
Transformers Puzzle – 100 Pieces

Sortido Cyber Slammers
Sortido Real Gear
Sortido De Luxo (Deluxe Assortment)
Sortido Leader
Sortido Voyager
Sortido Trans Tech
Sortido Cyber Stompin Robot
Sortido Legends
Sortido Fast Changers
Sortido Authentic Action Figure

Sortido Scout
Sortido De Peluches (Plush Assortment)
Sortido Helmet – Màscara Optimus Prime (Helmet Assortment – Dress up as Optimus Prime)
Sortido Galactic Heroes
Transformers 1ers Vehicules
Transformers Casque Optimus Prime (Optimus Prime Helmet)
Transformers Robot Electronique

Real Gear Speed Dial 800
Real Gear Power Up VT6
Real Gear Longview 
Real Gear Spy Shot
Real Gear Zoom Out 25X
Real Gear Booster 10
Real Gear Scout
Real Gear Scout
Real Gear Scout
Unleashed Bumblebee
Transformers Accessories Deluxe
Transformers Kit Audio/Video
Transformers Fast Changer
Transformers Legends
Transformers Optimus Prime Blaster
Transformers Voyager
Transformers Deluxe
Deluxe Bonecrusher
Deluxe Swindle
Leader Megatron
Voyager Blackout
Voyager Ironhide
Voyager Starscream
Optimash Prime
Transformers Battling Card Game
Transformers Combat Fighters
RISK Transformers Cybertron Battle Edition
Beatmix Bumblebee
Transformers Tech: Tight Shot