Botcon Confirmation: Chugging Along

If you faxed your Botcon 2007 registration off and still haven't heard back yet, don't despair – the volume of registrations, even after the initial onslaught, was still huge, as our staff has learned from a call earlier this morning. They're still processing registrations and you should not panic if you haven't heard back yet…please do NOT call asking for confirmation, as that will only make it tougher for them to respond to everyone in a timely manner.

UPDATE: Brian Savage has sent out the following email confirming the backlog and asking for patience:

"We are continuing to work through everyone's registration forms and it is probably going to take another week to email or call everyone due to the large volume. Angie and Christie appreciate your patience as they continue to work through the forms.

We appreciate your support and understanding!

Brian Savage"