BBTS Update: Sale; MP Megs; G1 Reissue Megs

Big Bad Toy Store has extended and expanded its spring cleaning clearance sale, with some items as much as 80% discounted!  Meanwhile, if you ordered your Masterpiece Megatron from BBTS, expect it soon, because part of their order has arrived and the rest should be arriving next week.

And speaking of Megatron… the Takara Transformers Collection #06 Megatron reissue, with an orange tip installed to make it just as legal in the U.S. as its Masterpiece cousin, is in stock at BBTS.  The silencer attachment, however, will not fit over the orange plug on the barrel.

Read on for the full update, including a few more Transformers items and links to the product listings!


Hi – Here is a quick weekend update from about another great clearance sale, new arrivals and some new preorders.


We've extended last week's 60 item & 25 menu clearance sale and just today added 60 more items and 25 more menus!   Check out both lists for a slew of great deals, many of them 50% to 80% off on thousands of items!  Take advantage of our overstock situation and take home some great deals on many popular series of figures.


MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON:  A small portion of our overall order arrived today and Megatron looks awesome!   He has a truly complex transformation process and the gun mode is huge.  We've updated the site with new images of Megatron in both modes as well as images of the orange cap – which turned out very well.   The rest of our shipment should be arriving mid to late next week and preorders are still available at $99.99


REISSUE MEGATRON #06:  The Transformers Collection #06 Megatron is now in stock for $84.99.  This version also has an orange tip installed – please read the notes on our site for further info:

REVOLTECH DANGAIOH:  Now in stock for just $19.99 – check out this and many other new Revoltech figures here:

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM:  Sunstorm, Starscream, The Fallen, War Within Ultra Magnus, and War Within Megatron are all in stock for $17.99

DISNEY CARS:  We've restocked the Movie Moments cases as well as received more Rip Stick racers and the new Race & Chase sets.

GUNDAM 1/60 GLORIOUS SERIES:  The new oversized and souped-up versions of core gundam characters are now in stock.  These kits range from $149.99 to $299.99 and come with a lot of extra bells & whistles.

GRINDHOUSE:  Grab a set of 3 Grindhouse figurs after catching the premiere tonight – in stock now for only $37.99

GODZILLA:  The vinyl Jet Jaguar figure is back in stock for $9.99 and we have a variety of other Godzilla figures as well as his enemies in stock

GETTER 1:  The new Test & Training mode Getter 1 is limited to 1500 pieces and each box is hand numbered.  In stock now for $119.99

TRANSFORMER DVD'S:  We've restocked the 20th Anniversary Edition TF Movie as well as some of the recent boxed sets – check them out here:

HOT TOYS ROCKY:  We've restocked the 1/6 Scale Rocky and Clubber Lang Movie Masterpiece figures from Hot Toys.  Be sure to reserve the upcoming Apollo Creed & Ivan Drago as well – all $149.99 each.


NINTENDO MONOPOLY & MUCH MORE:  Joining the very cool Transformers Monopoly from USAOpoly, we've just listed a variety of their other Monopoly games including:  Shrek, A Christmas Story, Batman, M&M's, Disney, Family Guy, Fantastic Four, James Bond, Lord of the Rings, Marvel, Military and more.  We've also listed their Nightmare on Elm Street vs Friday the 13th Trivia game and other titles relevant to the toys we carry.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to take advantage of the new sale items.

Joel & The BBTS Crew