BBTS Update: 4/02/2007

Joel of Big Bad Toy Store has sent us a brand new update, featuring a few Transformers-related items.  Among the Transformers-related items:

– Japanese Beast Wars 10th
– astf preview toys
– Alternators Ravage and Rumble
– MP-05
– Titanium Sunstorm and WW Magnus
– Transformers Monopoly
– Clearance sale continues

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Hi – Here is a quick update from aboutanother nice round of new arrivals and more cool new preorders:


Some items on the Spring Cleaning sale menu will be removed later thisweek as the quantities get lower, so be sure to take advantage of the bigsavings on all the items here – many items are 50% off or more!


DC SUPERHEROES:  Another new wave of figures has arrived and we now have inventory on hand of: Mongul, Parasite, Bizarro, Kal-el, Darkseid, Superman, Superman Variant, Doomsday, and 3 different case assortments. Check them all out here:

FAMILY GUY SERIES 7:  This new wave features these six cool figures: Bionic Peter, Commando Stewie, Bad Girl Lois, Groovy Death, Neil Goldman, and Performance Artist.  In stock now for $69.99

ALTERNATORS RAVAGE & RUMBLE:  We have a very limited number of these figures in stock now, with more coming soon.  Get yours now at $33.99 each

GHOST RIDER REAL ACTION HEROES 1/6:  Another fantastic sculpt from Medicom, the new Ghost Rider figure is priced at only $96.99 and in stock:

JAPANESE BEAST WARS 10TH:  We just received the 'Early Release' promotional materials shortly after the figures arrived.   We have a limited number of sets of 8 left that also include a free loose version of
Prime and Megatron along with a large cardboard display sign and a variety of flyers.  Check out the full selection here:


TRANSFORMERS SNEAK PREVIEW FIGURES:  Get your Protoform Optimus and Starscream figures for $11.99 – our shipment arrives tomorrow so there is no waiting.  These figures represent Prime and Starscream as they first appear on earth.

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM:  Sunstorm, War Within Ultra Magnus, and Starscream all arrive tomorrow.  Preorders are available for $17.99 each

MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON:  Our shipments should start leaving Japan in the next day or two and we expect them to begin arriving next week.  Preorders are available at $99.99 – this figure is already starting to sell out across Japan so be sure to reserve yours now.


GI JOE 25TH ANNIVERSARY SINGLES & WAVE 2:  Hasbro has just released info about the next round of amazing new 25th figures.  The first wave of single carded figures includes Hooded Cobra Commander, Cobra Officer, Flint, Storm Shadow, and Snake Eyes with Timber.   The have also announced the 3rd 5-pack which is another round of Cobra figures!  The Cobra 5-Pack #2 includes:  Cobra Commander (Battle Dress), Storm Shadow (Dragon), Cobra Stinger Driver, Cobra Air Trooper, Cobra (the Enemy).  We don't have images of the 5-pack but do have images of the singles listed.  The single figures are available as a set of 5 or a case of 8.

TRANSFORMERS BT-18 CLEAR MIRAGE BINALTECH:  Another E-Hobby exclusive, this one will be a clear or translucent version of Mirage as the Ford GT.  We have preorders listed at $79.99 and its great to see another release in the Binaltech line.

NECA CULT CLASSICS HALL OF FAME 2:  A great new wave that gives you the Saw Killer in regular and pig-head mode, as well as the Leatherface from their recent boxed set and also an awesome new Zombie Ed from Shaun of the Dead.   Sets of 4 are $49.99 and singles are $11.99 to $13.99

GI JOE 8" MILITARY & ADVENTURE TEAM:  We don't have any images of this line yet, but the new 8" Military Heroes and Adventure Team figures will be an extension of the Sigma 6 line that features the same Sigma 6 style focused on realism as well as animals!

REVOLTECH:  The new EVA-01 Type-F from the video game and Toro from Dokodemo Issho have just been listed at $19.99 and $24.99 respectively – check out the new figures here:

1966 BATMOBILE 1:18 DIE-CAST:  A new offering from Mattel – this is the beginning of a highly anticipated string of new Hot Wheels Batmobiles.  The preorder price is $27.99 and we have an early image listed here:

SIDESHOW'S MARY JANE COMIQUETTE:  This is simply an awesome new sculpt from Adam Hughes – we won't have it available for long so get your preorders in and be sure to check out this beauty:

STAR WARS GALACTIC HEROES:  Two new case assortments each contain 6 new 2-packs and a variety of older 2-packs.  The "M" and "T" assortment cases are priced at $69.99 and each of the 6 new 2-packs is priced at $8.99

TRANSFORMERS MONOPOLY:  Enjoy a new take on this classic board game with a
complete Transformers theme.  Priced at only $29.99 its worth taking a
look at here:

STAR WARS BATTLEPACKS:  Two new 30th Battlepacks have just been listed.  We don't have images yet – these are priced at $34.99 each due to the case pack from Hasbro (2 new items along with 2 old sets we already have plenty of) – the new listings are found here:

LEPRECHAUN BUST:  A new item from Sota Toys, this bust is based on the 1993 movie and preorders have been listed at $38.99

TOYNAMI – SKELANIMALS:  A new batch of Skelanimal plush figures have been listed here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew