BBTS Newsletter 4/27

Our old pal Joel has sent out a new Big Bad Toy Store newsletter! Not a lot of brand-new Transformery goodness listed in this edition, but at least you can save some cash on the older items: they're running a 30% off sale on everything that isn't marked "new" or "preorder!"

The 30% discount is automatically calculated in every section, including Transformers, and don't forget to check the clearance items here and here for more deals. Click "Read More" for the full newsletter.

Hi – Here is another big update from stuffed full with a week's worth of news about new arrivals, new preorders, and another great clearance sale!  Be sure to check out the entire list, there is a ton of cool new product.

30% OFF CLEARANCE SALE:  Save 30% on everything in the store except those items marked 'new' or 'preorder' from now until 12:00 Noon Central Time on Monday April 30th!  In addition to the thousands of items on sale at 30% off, we also have left our Spring Cleaning Clearance Sale running with discounts of 35% to 80% on hundreds of items.   Check your favorite menus
for 30% off savings and here are links to the older sales that still contain many great deals:


MARVEL LEGENDS WAVE 2:  Hasbro's second entry into the ever-popular ML series with The Blob Build-A-Figure is now in stock for $89.99 per full set of 8 figures.   Series 1 is also in stock – check out series 2 here:

STAR WARS 30TH VEHICLES:  The brand new Sith Infiltrator and V-Wing Starfighter are each in stock for $26.99.  We've restocked the Classic White TIE and Saesee Tiin's Starfighter at $18.99 each and a variety of other ships are available here:

FINAL FANTASY XII FIGURES:  Brand new arrivals from Square Enix.  We have Ashe, Balthier, Gabranth, and Vaan in stock at $24.99 each.  Another nicely executed round of figures – view them here:

STARGATE SERIES 3:  This wave includes Vala, Colonel Mitchell, and Ori Prior.  We also have exclusive "Avalon" Vala, Replicator Carter, and unpainted prototype figures of three different characters.  Check out the full selection of Stargate items here:

MARVEL 12" ICONS WAVE 2:  Doctor Doom and Punisher are now in stock for $44.99 per set.  Both figures are nicely done and also available separately.

CHOGOKIN LIGHTAN 6-PACK & WOODEN BOX:  Get all 6 of Bandai's cool transforming Lightans along with a beautiful hardwood collector's box with a padded velvet-like holding tray.   This set is priced $20 below MSRP at $259.99 – the pictures we have don't do the set justice, its very nicely put together and an outer display box is also included.

TRANSFORMERS:  Our last shipment of MP-03 Starscream has just arrived and we've also restocked Nemesis Prime Alternator, Cobalt Sentry E-Hobby Exclusives, and the Robotmasters Skywarp & Thundercracker set.

STAR WARS EXCLUSIVES:  We've just stocked a nice variety of exclusive SW items including:  Unleashed Darth Vader, Unleashed Luke Jedi, DVD Collection OTC 3-Packs, Astromech Droids, Holiday Jawas, Cantina Band, and a variety of others are in stock on this menu:

GALACTIC HEROES:  A highly popular wave of Galactic Heroes has just arrived, we have all the figures available singly as well as the 'Wave 3' case assortment.  Check them all out here:

NECA'S LABYRINTH – JARETH:  This 7" David Bowie figure is very well done with interchangeable hands, crystal ball, goblin accessory.  In stock now for $13.99

SIDESHOW'S LEGENDARY IRON MAN BUST:  With a production run of only 550 pieces, and a cool removeable face plate, this item is sure to go way up in value in the future.  We have a handful of them in stock at $194.99

MARVEL 3" TITANIUM:  Seven new Titanium figures have just arrived and all are priced at $5.49 each.  Figures include Thing, Human Torch, Doctor Doom, and four different Ghost Rider Movie figures.

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA STATUE:  The New Galactica Statue is in stock for just $124.99 – limited to only 2003 pieces and measuring in a hefty 15" long, its a great item for any Battlestar fan.

BOME VOLUME 19:  Another busty beauty from Mr. Bome – The new Isoroku Yamamoto figure looks great and is in stock for $26.99

MASTER REPLICAS – VADER EP IV FX SABER:  M.R. has released the Vader FX Saber with Episode IV packaging.  Get yours new at $109.99

NEW STIKFAS:  The new Emergency Response Team, Stikers Band 4-Pack, and Pre-assembled Stifkas have all just arrived.  Also in stock are M-Bears and Cuboyds Series 2.


EXCLUSIVE GOBLIN QUEEN STATUE:  This extremely cool new statue is only available from BBTS and a handful of comic shops.  It is limited to only 600 pieces worldwide and selling fast so get yours reserved and don't miss out.  Diamond Select Toys did a great job with this sculpt – lots of skin, two mean looking gargoyles and a big flowing cape.  Preorders are listed at $10 below MSRP at $114.99

GENTLE GIANT:  Another round of cool new items from Gentle Giant has just been listed including their new Halo 3 products as well as more Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter:

–STAR WARS KUSTOMZ:  A new line with much more attitude than traditional statues.  The Speederbike is the first in line – view it here:

–HALO 3:  The Master Chief gets his own bust in honor of his upcoming third tour of duty.   We have it listed $8 below MSRP at $47.99.  Also up for preorder from Medicom via Gentle Giant is a Master Chief Kubrick set with various color versions – $16.99

–STAR WARS:  Han Solo will be released in both regular and animated styles this November.  The regular statue is priced $30 below MSRP at $144.99 and the cool animated version is priced at $69.99

–HARRY POTTER:  The Order of the Phoenix Bust-Ups have just been listed. This cool set features 5 different characters plus extra parts to build a 6th Bust-Up!  These are $4 below MSRP at $25.99

–LORD OF THE RINGS:  Gimli joins the ranks of animimated statues and is now up for preorder at just $52.99

MASTER REPLICAS – STAR WARS SCALED HELMETS:  A great new line from M.R. These helmets are in roughly the same scale as the mini weapons they have been producing for the last few years.  The first helmets released are Boba Fett, X-Wing Pilot, and Stormtrooper.  Each is priced $5 under MSRP at $44.99 each.

DIAMOND SELECT TOYS:  A nice batch of new items this month, Diamond Select is really stepping it up with great new licenses and nicely executed products.  I recently met with the entire DST Team, they are passionate collectors & designers, highly energetic, and an extremely nice group of guys and gals – very impressive operation overall:

–BATTLESTAR CYLON SIX BUST:  The beautiful Cylon Six in her iconic low-cut red dress is now up for preorder at $42.99.  This item is limited to a mere 1000 pieces – don't miss out on the start of a big wave of new Battlestar Merchandise for 2007 and 2008!

–STAR TREK – AMOK TIME STATUES:  A great looking new 3-piece set of statues from the famous Amok Time episode where Kirk battles Spock. Limited to only 1000 pieces, we have the set of 3 listed at $55 below MSRP

–STAR TREK – DEEP SPACE NINE FIGURES:  A brand new series of figures has just been announced.  We have full sets of 4 figures up for preorder at $47.99.  This set includes the Previews Exclusive Odo figure as well as the chase variant Ezri Dax.

–BACK TO THE FUTURE MINIMATES:  Its hard not to watch this movie when flipping through the channels,  DST brings us a cool set of minimates including Marty, Doc, Lorraine & Biff for just $12.99.

–OFFICE SPACE – BILL LUMBERGH:  This cool new figure comes with a sound chip that repeats several of Bill's best lines from Office Space.  We have it priced at $17.99 and don't miss out on Milton as well:

–MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS:  We have a variety of new items up for preorder including:  Winter Soldier Bust, Red Skull Icons Bust, Origins Thor Statue, Jean Grey Premiere Statue, Kitty Pryde Clear Bust, Rogue "Picnic" Variant, and Icons Symbiote Spider-man Bust.

–MOUSE GUARD PVC SET:  A cool new set of PVC figures in the enormous 1:1 life size scale of about 3" is now up for preorder at $17.99

–SPIDER-MAN 3 STATUES:  The Rise of Venom and Eddie Brock Statues are now up for preorder at $134.99 and $209.99 each.  We previewed these recently and both are extremely cool – the Eddie Brock statue is amazingly complex – check out the silhouette photos here:

MASTER REPLICAS SPIDER-MAN 3:  M.R. will be releasing scaled replicas of Spider-Man's mask in both red and black versions as well as a Black Suit Spider-Man on Church Tower statue – check these cool new items out here:

THE BEATLES:  Medicom brings us a cool new Kubrick set of all four Beatles in their "Can't Buy Me Love" outfits.  Preorder now at $39.99

THE BIG LEBOWSKI:  Bif Bang Pow! has created a very cool new set of figures – The Dude (His Dudeness, Duder) and Walter are available for $33.99 here:

FLASH GORDON MOVIE:  Another cool release from Bif Bang Pow!  Alex Ross designed the very cool Ming the Merciless and Flash Gordon figures – up for preorder now at $29.99 each.

MY LITTLE PONY 25TH ANNIVERSARY:  Get 6 of the original ponies in a pair of retro 3-packs for just $34.99 – coming this summer from Hasbro.

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA:  We've added a special edition version of the Rudy 1/7 PVC statue.  Be sure to check out all his other masterpieces:

Thanks for your interest in – Please be sure to check out some of the many new items listed above and dont' forget to save 30% on thousands of older items that are now on sale.


Joel & The BBTS Crew