BBTS Newsletter 04/19

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Hi – Here is a quick update from about another round of cool new arrivals and more big preorder news!


TAKARA'S MP-06 MASTERPIECE SKYWARP:  Takara has just announced the sixth figure in its amazing Masterpiece series – Skywarp will be arriving this fall and is priced at $99.99!  Skywarp comes with his traditional G1 style black & purple paint scheme.  We have some early images on the site and he looks fantastic with the sinister black paint.   Also included is an
alternate face – check it out here:
SUPERGIRL & CATWOMAN VINYL STATUES:  A couple of hot new releases from Kotobukiya.  You simply have to check these new items out – extremely attractive sculpts and we have each listed $10 below the MSRP at $69.99 and $59.99 respectively.
WORLD OF WARCRAFT – DELUXE FIGURE:  Joining the extremely popular first wave of figures, DC has just announced the Deluxe Illidan Storm Stormrage figure.  This figure is 6.5" tall with 11" wings that bring the overall height to 13"  Priced $5 under MSRP at $24.99
IRON GIANT STATUE:  There is finally some new Iron Giant merchandise!  DC Direct has sculpted a 2-part tabletop statue that features the Iron Giant from the shoulders up and a secondary statue with his hand holding a miniature Hogarth figure.   Preorders are available at $20 below MSRP:
BATMAN 1:18 1966 BATMOBILE:  We've just listed the Elite, and Super Elite versions of this iconic Batmobile coming out from Hot Wheels this winter.  The Elite version is priced at $74.99 and the Super Elite is $269.99.  The basic version is priced at $27.99 and the upgraded models feature tons of additional features not found on the lower priced models.
DAWN ACTION FIGURES:  A great new release from Diamond Select – there will be a total of 4 Dawn figures released this year including Dawn, a Previews Exclusive Dawn in a more sinister red outfit, Darrian, and the horned Darrian exclusive.  We have sets, singles, and cases available:
DC DIRECT – WONDER WOMAN SERIES 1:  All ladies in this great new set, check out all the attractive gals in this $49.99 set here:
AUTOBOT'S MATRIX OF LEADERSHIP STATUE:  New stock will be on the way soon for this extremely popular statue from Diamond Select.   These have been very hard to come by lately so get your preorders in at $149.99 here:
MARVEL ICONS – HASBRO WAVE 3:  Hasbro has just announced three new figures including the very cool Silver Surfer along with two versions of the Human Torch.  We have sets, singles, and cases available here:
DC DIRECT – NEW FRONTIER SERIES 2:  Another cool new set of classic characters is up for preorder for $10 under MSRP at $49.99.  Batman, The Flash and more.  Series 1 is also up for backorder and arriving soon:
EVANGELION STIKFAS:  The long awaited licensed Evangelion Stikfas will be arriving this summer!  We have preorders for the first 4 EVA's listed at $17.99 each.  Also just listed are the new Dark Samurai and Black & White Ninja Duel sets at $9.99 each.
THE BIG LEBOWSKI:  Bang Bif Pow! has just announced a cool new line of figures based on the classicly quirky crime & bowling movie.  His Dudeness & Walter are the first two figures listed for preorder at $33.99 per set, and we have a few Dude bobbleheads listed as well.
ULTRA MAGNUS EXCLUSIVE HEAD BUST:  This exclusive from the NYCC is limited to only 600 pieces and we have them listed at $41.99.  This is a repainted version of Optimus Prime bust – also available to order:

FINAL FANTASY 1/4 SCALE CLOUD STRIFE:  This huge Cloud Strife figure will stand around 18" tall and is made by Square Enix.  Preorder price is $30 under MSRP at $369.99 – check it out here:


–IKKI TOUSEN – GREY KANU:  One of the most popular sculpts is back with a new paint job.   Check out the Grey version of Kanu here at $47.99

–ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA:  A beautiful new bust – the Shion Fine Art bust is priced at $59.99.  This continues to be a top selling anime line, and for good reason – check out the latest masterpiece here:

–MUCH MORE ANIME:  Do a quick search for new items from the following properties:  Chrono Gate, Yakitate, Galaxy Express 999, Persona, Shakugan no Shana, Whip X Nonoko, Oneechanbara, Getter Robo, and Zoids


MARVEL LEGENDS 2 & ICONS 2:  A huge shipment of the second round of Marvel Legends figures is on the way along with the 12" Punisher and Doctor Doom figures.  Preorders should fill within a week on these so reserve them here:


STREET FIGHTER PREVIEW:  The latest release from SOTA has just arrived and we have them listed well below MSRP.   Akuma, Ken, and Ryu each come in a double window box that lets you view these extremely articulated and redesigned figures from both the front and the back.  Sets of 3 are $12 below MSRP at $44.99 each and singles are $15.99 each.

ROCKY IV FIGURES:  Sets of 6 Rocky IV figures are now in stock for just $55.99 per set.  The set includes Training and Fight versions of both Rocky and Drago, as well as Thunderlips and Ludmilla Drago.  We also have cases priced at $109.99 and single figures as well.

REVOLTECH MEGATRON:  The highly anticipated and highly articulated new versio of Megatron from Kaiyodo has just arrived.  Megatron comes with an alternate head and several alternate hands.  Don't forget to pick up the Revoltech Optimus Prime as well – both in stock at $24.99

BATTLESTAR GALACTICA STATUE:  This extremely popular resin statue from Diamond Select has been tough to find, we luckily just received a nice amount of them and have them in stock $25 below MSRP at $124.99.

REVOLTECH PATLABOR ZEROSIKI:  Another cool Revoltech figure.  The new Zerosiki is in stock for $19.99 and comes with a shield, weapon, extra hands and extra head.

GRENDIZER – MARIA FREED:   A cool new 1/6 scale PVC statue is now in stock in both red and black outfit versions.   Each version is $69.99 and features Maria in a seductive pose with plunging neckline.

MORE NEW ARRIVALS:  Other items include Peanut's Pig Pen statue, Sideshow Spider-Man 3 Bust, MSIA Freedom Gundam, Time Silhouette Hoplite Spartan, and a variety of items from the Vintage Department.

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check
out some of the great new arrivals and new preorders listed above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew