BBTS Newsletter 04/12

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– Cybertron Primus w/ Minicons, MP-03 Starscream, various other Alternators and Titanium toys

Hi – Here is a quick update from about a variety of new arrivals incluging MP-05 Megatron and a bunch of very cool new preorders!


STAR WARS 30TH WAVE 4:  Hasbro continues to impress with more figures never seen before as well as the new McQuarrie Darth Vader.  Wave 4 cases are available for $89.99, we also have sets of 7 priced at $64.99 and single figure listings as well at various prices.   The new figures include:  M'Iiyoom, Elis Helrot, Holiday Special Boba Fett, Umpass-Stay, Luke Skywalker – Jedi Knight, McQuarrie Series #4 – Vader, and CZ-3 (Jabba Palace Droid)

STAR WARS BOBBLE HEADS:  Funko – the kings of bobble heads & wacky wobbler toys has just secured the Star Wars license!   We've just listed their first round of figures including $9.99 Wacky Wobblers of:  Vader, Clone Trooper, Boba Fett, Yoda, Greedo, Han Solo, Stormtrooper Gamorrean Guard, Jawa, and Obi-Wan Kenobi.  Also check out the 12" Boba Fett Bank and the cool Darth Vader in TIE Fighter Wobler:

TRANSFORMERS 'RENEWAL' 2007 FIGURES:  Takara has not yet released images of these items, but they are most likely going to be re-releases of the Transformer Collection reissue figures from the last few years.  We have Megatron, Convoy, Soundwave and Starscream up for preorder singly or save $15 when you buy them all together in our set listing.

MACROSS 1/60 SV-51 GUMMA IVANOV:  An awesome all-new mold from Yamato, this is one of the coolest valks to come out of Japan in quite a while.  This figure is fully transformable with all 3 modes.  Preorders arrive in July and are priced at $219.99

STAR WARS TITANIUM WAVE 4:  More new figures including Green A-Wing, Tantive IV Rebel Blockade Runner, AT-AP, and two more Battlestar Titaniums have just been listed separately and also as a case.  We do not have images of any of the new items yet, but hope to have them soon.

JET LI 1/6 REAL MASTERPIECE FIGURE:  Made by Enterbay, this highly accurate replica of the martial arts master is up for preorder at $259.99

MARVEL SELECT ZOMBIE HULK:  Hulk joins Captain America and Spider-man in the ranks of the undead with the new $17.99 Zombie Hulk figure.  Check out all three of these very cool figures here:

STAR TREK BATTLE DAMAGED ENTERPRISE EXCLUSIVES:  We'll be able to bring you the exclusive versions of the Wrath of Khan Enterprise and TNG Enterprise 1701-E.  Both ships follow the original molds, but cool battle damaged paint has been added.  We have both listed a bit below MSRP at
$37.99 each.

1:18 SUPER ELITE BATMOBILE:  No images yet, but this $269.99 Hot Wheels Super Elite die-cast figure should have every bell and whistle imagineable.  This is a limited edition piece based on the original Batmobile.

REVOLTECH:  Two more new figures have been listed including the EVA-05 Mass Production version with weapon (the version with wings was previously mentioned)  and also the new Kuro figure from Dokodemo Issho.

GUNDAM MODELS & FIGURES:  From the Shizuoka Model show we have a couple of special editions including the 1/60 Perfect Grade Wing Gundam and 1/144 Super HCM Pro RX-78-2.  Other new preorders include Master Grade Char's Zaku 2.0, HCM Pro #40 Destroy Gundam and #12 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Version.

WITCHBLADE – MASANE POWER UP VERSION:  A cool new repaint of the beautiful Masane character, crafted by Alter and imported from Japan, this figure is listed at $74.99

GAO GAI GAR FINAL VERSION:  We've opened a preorder at $199.99 for this large and complex figure from Max Factory.  It features some die-cast metal parts and a high level of detail:

NOW PLAYING MINI FIGURES – SOTA:  Sota brings us a set of 3 small scale figures including Fairie from Legend, Zombie from Return of the Living Dead 3, and Anubis from The Mummy Returns.  These are $9.99 each or $27.99 for the set.

HOT TOYS – NAVY SEALS:  Two cool new HALO Jumper figures including Camo Dry Suit version and Jump Suit Version – $114.99 each

ANIME GIRLS:  Another big round of beauties for your enjoyment

ART OF SHUNYA YAMASHITA:  All his previous figures have been wildly popular and this hot new one should be even more so.   The new 1/7 Rudy figure features plenty of skin and a seductive pose.  This figure is made by Aoshima and preorders have been opened at $59.99

LINGERIE SOLDIER:  This figure is based on an anime that was never actually made yet it drew so much attention they decided to go forward with the toy anyways – check out the fiesty Rose 1/8 PVC Statue here:

CHAOS GATE:  The new Kaze no Ushiro wo Ayumumono figure has been listed at $52.99

MANY MORE ITEMS:  There are too many to list, check out the new figures from these popular titles:  Chobits Chi "Maid Alice", Princess Waltz – Iris, Death Note Kira & Ryuk, Mine bluE #10 black version, Genshiken Ogiue Chika, Idolmaster Xenoglossia trading figures, Melty Blood Arcueid, Quiz Magic Academy Rukia, Melancholy – 3x Nurse Outfits, Shining Tears Mao, Sekirei Kusano & Miya, and Type-Moon Fantas Moon Eclipse.  View these and many others in the Anime Category:


MP-05 MASTERPIECE MEGATRON:  The wait is finally over!  The amazing MP-05 is now in stock for $99.99.  We have a nice supply available, but they are sure to go quickly so get your now, this one is definitely worth the price of admission with a very complex transformation and superb robot & gun mode.

GENTLE GIANT STAR WARS, BUST-UPS & HARRY POTTER:  A big GG shipment has just arrived and we now have these items in stock:  Animated Luke Skywalker Maquette, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Clone Trooper Armor Statue, Simpsons Bust-Ups, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Bust, Hellboy Bust-Ups, Han Solo on Tauntaun, and Hagrid Mini Bust.  View the whole GG selection here:

HARRY POTTER SERIES 1:  NECA has done a superior job with the new Potter figures, they are a step above anything else previously released.  We have sets of 5 available now for $64.99 and also singles of Harry and Voldemort.

SPORTS PICKS NBA 12 & NHL 14:  Both these new series are now in stock with most figures at only $10.99 each.  We have a handful of variants available as well.  Also – save 40% on all older Sports Picks!

MP-03 STARSCREAM:  In case you missed out on the earlier waves, we were lucky enough to find another relatively small batch of MP-03.  Pick one up along with the MP-05 and give your MP Prime some friends for the shelf.

BOME VOLUME 14:  The latest arrival from Kaiyod is the Dead or Alive Kasumi in white outfit.  This fetching sculpt is in stock for $28.99 and be sure to check out the many other upcoming Bome releases.

STAR TREK CLASSIC ENTERPRISE:  The latest release from Art Asylum & Diamond is now in stock $6 under MSRP at $33.99.  This version is very simple and clean and has an old-school feel to it.

DOCTOR WHO:  The 5" Remote Control K-9 with Doctor Who figure and Tardis Talking Money Bank are now in stock for $24.99 and $14.99 respectively.  A variety of other Doctor Who items are also in stock here:

BATTLESTAR MINIMATES SERIES 1:  Full sets of 8 with variants are back in stock and we also have singles and sets of 6 in stock.  Don't forget the Battlestar Series 2 preorders as well:

CYBERTRON PRIMUS WITH MINICONS:  All our other versions of Primus have sold out, but we now have a new set in stock that includes 4 bonus minicons.  This set is priced at only $49.99 includes 4 cool free minicons

MORE TRANSFORMERS:  We've just restocked the Alternators Ravage and Rumble as well as the THS-02 Convoy, Titanium Optimus Prime, Alternators Sunstreaker, #14 Reissue Hound, Alternators Smokescreen, BT-15 Binaltech in both Blue & Police versions.  Tons of other Transformers are also available here:

COMING SOON – REVOLTECH MEGATRON:  We expect these to arrive in the next 10 days or so.   This will be a great piece to accompany the Revoltech Optimus Prime – both are priced at $24.99 and located here:

Thanks for your interest in – our Spring Clearance Sale is still running so be sure to check out those menus as well as some of the great new items listed above.


Joel & The BBTS Crew