Alternators Rodimus? Mmmmmmmmaybe.

{mosimage} Two images have popped up on the Chinese discussion board of what appears to be a boxed Alternator Rodimus. While still sharing a mold with Mirage, this version is not the same as the Japanese Kissplay release, most notably in that it retains the G1-style flame deco instead of just color-swapping blue for red. 

So is this real? A store exclusive? San Diego Comic-Con exclusive? More details are not available at this time, and a rough Google translation of the original post only seems to reveal that the original poster "saw it at a friend's house." But if it's a custom repaint and box, someone did a really, really convincing job. Jump in and speculate away in toymaker's thread.

UPDATE: We now have confirmation that this is NOT a fake or a custom.  Marcelo Matere, past contributor of box art for Hasbro, has posted on TFW that it's real (but no other details).