ShoWest Transformers Movie Footage Description

Quint of the very well-known movie news website Ain't It Cool News has posted up a detailed description of some footage of astf shown at the ShoWest convention:

"After a delay of about half an hour, a representative walked out and was very coy about showing us something special. Then he introduced Michael Bay, who came out to plug the release date, tell all the middle-aged to elderly theater owners that TRANSFORMERS was going to make a gagillion dollars and then left the footage to run.

It was 3 complete scenes, with incomplete effects in some areas and some temp sound, but they were very close to being finished. There was only one obvious temp CG shot and some wires that hadn't been removed yet that I noticed."

Check out the link for the details, but beware big Spoilers!  Thanks to X-Warlock for the info.