Possible Alternators Rumble Misassembly

Allsparker Deathy G1 has posted a thread about a new misassembly problem with Alternators Rumble.  It is currently unknown if this affects all or only a few of these toys.

"If you look at the seats inside Rumble's car mode, you will see that there is a notch in the seat back facing each door.

This notch is supposed to let the seats tilt fully into car mode position without the head assembly getting in the way. The problem is, the seats were put in on the wrong sides.

Its an easy fix, just unscrew the screw beneath each seat and wiggle them out (they are held in by the screw and another peg). Once you have done that, swap them and put the screw back in.

Once you do, you will see that the seats can be put in a much more natural position in car mode!"