Movie News Roundup: Prequel Novel, Promotional Materials

Here's a roundup of astf news from the last few days to catch you up!

Ghosts of Yesterday, the astf prequel novel by Alan Dean Foster, has been officially released.  You can find that at various sites and bookstores including

Omegatron1 of the 2005Boards reports that the promotional blitz at movie theatres is continuing in earnest, this time with new Popcorn bags!  No word on which theatre chain is using these.

Wal-mart is thinking ahead!  Or, make that behind.  Seen the Spider-man 3 displays in the Wal-mart toy aisle?  On the back you'll find the displays for Wal-mart's next themed display: astf!  It won't be long until we'll be lamenting the shelves full of movie merch and wishing for the next line to start showing up!  Thanks to TFW's Kickback for the word on this.