Lorenzo di Bonaventura Talks Transformers

Thanks to Allspark staffer PiratedTVPro for scaring this one up.  LatinoReview.com recently had a chance to interview producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura, who says astf is not yet finished only a few months before its scheduled July 4th U.S. release.  He says it'll make it to theaters on time, but will be "brutal on the technicians" because the film includes "some of the most sophisticated visual FX" Industrial Light & Magic have ever created.  A bit of perspective on the effects from di Bonaventura: he says one frame – at 24 frames per second – of a Transformer fight took about 38 hours to execute!

Interestingly, di Bonaventura also says we've seen "not a single shot" of the final product, and we haven't seen exactly how Optimus Prime is going to look.  Hmmmm.

Check out the rest of the interview here at LatinoReview.com.