Botcon Exclusives Named!

The Botcon 2007 exclusive set has been finalized and listed in the convention brochure, and they're all Classics repaints and all Decepticons – with a generous helping of coneheads and a new character.  The Seekers Thundercracker, Dirge and Thrust are part of the set, complementing their general-release friends Starscream, Skywarp and Ramjet.  Dreadwind joins the lineup as well (Could this be a Jetfire repaint?  We're not sure yet), along with Bugbite, presumably a repaint of Classics Bumblebee since the name has previously been applied to an e-Hobby Decepticon 'Bee repaint.  The five figures team up to form the Games of Deception set, to be packaged in a box illustrated by fan favorite artist Don Figueroa.

Thanks to Agent X for starting a discussion thread here.