BBTS Update: New Titaniums

Big Bad Toy Store is loading up on Transformers 6" Titanium figures.  They've restocked Rodimus and Soundwave, and the wave including War Within Megatron, The Fallen and G1 Magnus is expected to arrive in a week or so.  Check out the BBTS Titanium menu here, and click below to see the full update.


Hi – Here is another big update from about many new arrivals and nearly 150 new preorders!


STAR WARS MEDICOM REAL ACTION HEROES:  A big batch of RAH figures have just arrived including the Shadow Stormtrooper (Limited to 3000 pieces), Regular Stormtrooper, Clone Trooper, and two versions of Darth Vader.  Check out this great batch of 1/6 scale high end figures here:

STAR WARS TITANIUM:  Hasbro has just delivered a variety of different case waves and we now have many different Titanium figures in stock including: Sith Speeder, Grievous Starfighter, Vader's Sith Starfighter, Obi-Wan Starfighter with ring, Endor AT-AT, Invisible Hand, Luke's Snow Speeder, Battlestar Colonial Viper, Firespray, Blockade Runner, AT-ST, Royal Guard TIE and a variety of others!

RED GETTER 1:  This new Getter figure from Aoshima is now in stock for $104.99.  The Getter 1 stands over 7" tall and features a belt, opening Getter Beam hatch, 2 Getter machine guns, a Getter tomahawk, Getter generator heart, and extra interchangeable hands.

BANDAI GODZILLA VINYL:  A dozen vinyl figures have been restocked including Hedra, King Ghidora, Gaigan, Destroyer, Roday, Mothra, and quite a few versions of Godzilla – most figures are $9.99 to $10.99

SIDESHOW 12" JABBA THE HUTT:  Another masterfully crafted piece in the 12" scale from Sideshow.  Jabba is in stock now for $117.99 and he comes packaged in a large nicely designed box.

IMPORTED GUNDAM KITS & FIGURES:  A variety of new items are now in stock including:  MG 1/100 Hi Nu Gundam, Zeonography Trilogy Set, HCM Pro Qubeley, HGUC GP02A MLRS, MSIA Thazel, HG Civillian Astray, HGUC Gaplant, HGUC Stargazer, MG F91 Harrison, HCM Pro Nu, and a variety of other kits and figures:

TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM:  We've restocked the previously sold out Soundwave and Rodimus 6" Transforming Titanium figures – $17.99 each

DISNEY CARS:  A variety of Cars items are back in stock including Tip n Toot Tractor, Brand New Mater, Carrying Case, Mack Truck Playset, Ramone's House of Body Art, and a variety of other items are also here.

STAR WARS MINI RC R2-D2:  A fun little import from Tomy – these tiny Radio Controlled Microdroids are in stock now for $29.99

MICROMAN KINNIKUMAN:  Three new repainted 2-pack versions of six main characters are now in stock $24.99 each – check them all out here:

SIDESHOW CAVE TROLL BUST:  This huge bust stands 16" tall and captures the Troll's gaping maw and leathery hide quite nicely – $289.99


TRANSFORMERS TITANIUM:  Hasbro has just shipped out the next wave of figures that includes the G1 Ultra Magnus, War Within Megatron, and The Fallen – we expect them in about a week, get your preorders in now at $17.99

SUPERMAN 13" DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE:  DC's second version of the very popular 13" Superman is arriving tomorrow – This version features a new head mold and improved outfit – $10 under MSRP at $59.99


MATTEL DC SUPERHEROES:  After a long wait, we now have information about the spring & summer DC Superheroes.  Preorders have been listed for 7 different case assortments at $59.99 per case of 6, and we've also listed single figure preorders for Camo Bane, Parasite, Steel, Darkseid Variant, Kal-el Superman, Bizaro, and Mongul.  Mattel should be shipping these out to us sometime in March so the wait won't be long at all.

ROBOTECH MASTERPIECE CYCLONES:  Toynami brings pack the 'Forever Mint in Box' packaging with the advent of their new Masterpiece Cyclone line.  They have announced the #1 Scott Bernard, #2 Lancer, and #3 Rand figures – each priced at $79.99.  We have an image of the Scott Bernard set and it looks great – check them out here:

MATTEL JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED:  A big new batch of 3-Pack case waves have been announced.  Choose from 5 different cases of 6 3-packs at $58.99, or we also have 10 new single 3-pack preorders available with images.   These should be shipping this month so we'll have them soon.

DOCTOR WHO FIGURES, TOYS & MORE:  There is going to be a ton of Doctor Who merchandise released in the US this year.  We are currently working on the items released over the last few years in the UK, and will be listing new 2007 merchandise as it is announced.  The 2007 items will be released at roughly the same time in the US and UK!   Check out some of the 20+ Preorders (with more to come soon)including:  Action Figures, Sonic Screwdriver, Banks, Clock, Face of Boe, Empress of The Racnoss, Radio Controlled Daleks, Tardis, Voice Changer, 12" Figures and more!

ROCKY – HOT TOYS MOVIE FIGURES:  The second round of 12" Movie Masterpiece Rocky figures have just beel listed at $149.99.  Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago each look very nicely done and will come in the high end packaging Hot Toys is known for.

DC SUPER FRIENDS FIGURES:  DC will be giving their heroes a new look aimed at the younger market.  These toys give all the heroes a much softer and more friendly look, be sure to check out the My First Batmobile vehicle as well as the deluxe & basic figures.

ACCOUTREMENTS HISTORICAL & NOVELTY TOYS:  Over 70 new preorders for the fun producst from Accoutrements.   They have a huge range of historical figures including Jesus, Einstein, Bach, Ben Franklin, Cassanova, Edgar Allen Poe, Vincent Van Goh, Sherlock Holmes and many more.  Novelty items include the Avenging Unicorn and Narwhal sets with horns to pierce innocent victims, Bigfoot, Lunch Lady, A full selection of The Cubes, B-Movie victims, Albino Bowler and more

WETA ORIGINAL RAY GUNS:  Weta has devised three Ray Gun prop replicas that come in a crushed velvet carrying case.  These guns have a nostalgic turn of the century feel to them with elaborate old fashioned gadgets and an eccentric design.  We have them listed $60 under MSRP at $599.99 – each is limited to only 500 pieces.

STREET FIGHTER 19" AKUMA STATUE:  The founder of Sota Toys has started a new company that will specialize in high-end limited edition runs from a variety of licenses.  The first offering is a huge akuma statue priced $20 below MSRP at $229.99

FINAL FANTASY MASTER CREATURES 2:  Kotobukiya brings us the second wave of beasties from the Final Fantasy universe.  We have the full set of 5 figures, which includes:  Yojimbo, Odin On Sleipnir, Mateus, Knights of the Round, and Diabolos for $99.99.  Singles are priced at $21.99

BOME VOLUME 21:  Bome keeps rolling with the new Honey Bunny PVC 2-pack priced at $28.99 which features a pair of Bunny Club girls

SPIDER-MAN MINIMATES:  Minimates series 17 and 18 have just been listed with full sets of 8 including variants at $34.99, and sets of 6 for $19.99.  We've also listed the new Classic Spider-Man boxed set at $17.99

GHOST IN THE SHELL:  Koto brings us a very cool Jigabachi helicopter model kit priced at only $19.99 – you'll have to check this one out:

DIAMOND SELECT MARVEL STATUES & BUSTS:  More new items including: Civil War Thing Bust, Icons Punisher Bust, Origins Cyclops Statue, Avengers Power Man Statue, and Milestones Spider-Man & Mary Jane Zombie Statue:

POWER RANGERS – GEKI RANGERS:  The newest Rangers iteration has just been released in Japan and we'll have the first big figure in stock shortly. The DX Juuken Gattai Geki Touja is priced at $79.99 and looks quite cool.

MAGDALENA ARTISTS PROOF:  A beatiful statue from CS Moore Studios based on the popular Top Cow character – preorder is priced at $194.99

PIRATES – JACK SPARROW RINGS:  Master Replicas has announced 3 more prop replica rings, all are priced at only $9.99.  Check out the Button Ring, Stolen Ring, and Dragon Ring here:

Thanks for your interest in and be sure to check out some of the many new arrivals and new preorders above.

Joel & The BBTS Crew