BBTS Update 03/24

We've received the latest update from BBTS.  Although there are no Transformers related items, there are a variety of other items to browse through.  Click read more to view the goods!

Hi – Here is a quick update from about many more exciting new preorders, Spider-man 3 figures and more new arrivals.


Our 25% Off Sale ends tomorrow, Sunday 3/25 at 6:00 PM Central Time.  Be sure to get your orders in now before the sale ends!


GENTLE GIANT – Another great round of items – LotR, PotC, Hellboy & SW

–ROYAL & SENATE GUARD BUSTS:  Two cool new busts are now up for preorder, the red royal guard and deep purple senate guard each come with weapons in hand – both available in a variety of purchasing options here:

–STAR WARS CLASSICS BUSTS:  Gentle Giant will be releasing a new series of busts this fall in a new slightly smaller format with much lower price points.  Boba Fett, TIE Fighter Pilot, and Kit Fisto are each up for preorder at $26.99

–PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN MAQUETTES:  Joining the Animated Jack Sparrow bust are two other key characters from The Dead Man's Chest.  Elizabeth Swann and Davy Jones are each up for preorder at $69.99 – $10 under MSRP

–LORD OF THE RINGS RINGWRAITH MAQUETTE:  This awesome new statue features an animated hollow hooded ringwraith upon his animated dead steed.  The statue is 14" tall and is priced $15 under MSRP at $104.99

–DARTH VADER EMPIRE STRIKES BACK STATUE:  A great new statue of Vader on one knee with his head slightly bowed.  Priced $30 under MSRP at $169.99

–HELLBOY ANIMATED ACTION FIGURES:  Gentle Giant gets back into the action figure ring with a new set of Hellboy figures.  This set features Animated Hellboy and Abe Sapien as well as a Movie version of Hellboy.  The set of 3 is priced at $44.99

STAR WARS 2007 SAGA LEGENDS:  Hasbro has just announced the third wave of their new Saga Legends line.  We don't have images of the figures yet, but there will be three different versions of Clone Trooper Officers, Gray Pit Droid 2-Pack, Redeco Sandtrooper, Black Imperial Officer, and Darktrooper.   We have singles and 3 different case waves available.

DC JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED:  We have a new case wave of single pack figures up for preorder.  This case of 12 contains 1 Superman, 3 Batman, 1 Orion, 3 Superman (Classic), 1 Green Lantern, 1 Wonderwoman, 1 Shining Knight, 1 Lex Luther and is priced at $62.99

DC 10" JUSTICE LEAGUE:  Two new case assortments are up for preorder – get four different figures for just $39.99.  Characters include Batman, Superman, Alternate Flash, Hawkgirl, Justice Lord Superman, Green Lantern

DC BATTLEAGUE FIGURE GAME:  This new game is in the same vein as Hasbro's Attacktix series, but Mattel has opened the DC library and let the Four Horsemen design all the figures!  We have the Complete Starter Set, Boosters, and Batmobile up for preorder now.

REAL ACTION HEROES – JANGO FETT:  Medicom follows up the excellent Boba Fett mold with a logical and excellent rework.  Jango Fett features a removeable helmet and is a great looking figure – $164.99.

FANTASTIC 4 – RISE OF SILVER SURFER:  The first wave of Hasbro's new figures for this spring's upcoming sequel are now available for preorder.  The set of 8 figures is priced at $77.99

ATTAKUS SANDTROOPER SERGEANT:  We have a very limited number of this new statue up for preorder at $399.99.  There are only 750 pieces being produced, check it out here:

MEZCO – SOUTH PARK WAVE 6:  This new set of 4 is priced at $49.99 and includes Cartman as Ming Lee, Nurse Gollum, Starvin' Marvin, and Mr. Slave.  Each figure comes with themed accessories as well.

MEZCO – FAMILY GUY WAVE 8:  Another hilarious round of figures featuring Peter as Secret Agent Astronaut Millionaire Cowboy and 3 other cool figures for $49.99

SIDESHOW'S PRINCESS LEIA 12":  Another cool figure from Sideshow that is sure to sell out, reserve yours now at $53.99

NARUTO GAARA SAND COFFIN STATUE:  Another cool new statue from Toynami, this one is priced $30 under MSRP at $119.99 – check it out here:

DAREDEVIL LEGENDARY SCALE BUST:  Sideshow continues its Legendary bust line with the addition of Daredevil.  This 1:2 bust is priced at $189.99


SPIDER-MAN 3 MOVIE TOYS:  We have nearly 70 items now in stock for SM3!  Today is the world release date for all the toys and we have the full selection for you to choose from including the very fun Mr. Potatohead Spider Spud, 3" Titanium, 3.75" Titanium, 6" Action Figures, Role Play
Weapons, Vehicles, Stuffed Toys, Attacktix, and Spider-Man & Friends Toys. Check out the full selection of new SM3 items here:

STAR WARS 30TH VEHICLES:  We've just received more of the Mace Windu Starfighter, AAT Tank, & Darth Vader Sith Starfighter.  More new vehicles should be arriving soon – check out the full menu here:

X-MEN MINIMATES:  Juggernaut, Jean Grey, Colossus, Beast and more are now in stock.  We have a few single sets, sets of 6 for $19.99 and full sets of 8 with the variant figure for $34.99

BOWEN BLACK BOLT & VENOM:  Two cool new statues from Bowen are now in stock for $179.99, we have a ton of other bowen items listed as well:

FINAL FANTASY – MECHANICAL ARTS:  This is a nifty set of mini-vehicles from a variety of Final Fantasy games.  They are around 3" to 5" in overall length and all turned out very nice.  They look much better in person than the images on our site would portray.

THE PHANTOM STATUE:  The purple version of this statue from Electric Tiki is now in stock for $139.99

IRON MAIDEN – EDDIE:  The new Phantom of the Opera version of Eddie is now in stock for $13.99 – flowing red cape and twisted pipe organ included

ANIME GIRLS:  Another new round of beauties have arrived:

–HIGURASHI – RENA & SHION – In stock for $44.99 each.

–INUKAMI! – YOKO & NADESHIKO – babes with tails

–KING OF FIGHTER – PIRATE JENNY:  Check out this busty fighter here:

–PIA CARROT GO – Kunugi Ayano in swimsuit – very nice figure

DC DIRECT – 13" FIGURES:  We've restocked Lex Luthor, Shazam, Aquaman, and Flash.  Be sure to get preorders in on all the rest of these awesome upcoming figures:

Thanks for your interest in – be sure to take advantage of the 25% off sale and also check out some of the many new arrivals and preorders.


Joel & The BBTS Crew