Wal-Mart’s TF Movie Toy Plans

Allsparker Sir Optimal Omega IV has posted some news on Wal-mart's plans for the astf toy line and what they will be carrying:

"I don't know if anyone's interested in knowing what Wal-Mart is planning for the release of the movie, but I happened to look up their plans the other day at work. Every year at the beginning of February, Wal-Mart brings all of their store managers, district managers and other senior management to Kansas City and they have what they call a "Year Beginning Meeting". Anyway, they talked about the TF movie.

They're not making a huge push since they seem to think that Spider-Man 3, Shrek the Third, and Pirates of the Carribean will sell more toys. Anyway, they listed features with quantities and prices that each store will get for the movie's release."

It sounds like some bad news, at least initially they may not be fully supporting the line as it vies for shelf space with other toy lines.  Hopefully this is just preliminary information and they'll be expanding their plans as we get closer to the release of the movie. 

You can read the full report and post your thoughts here!