Updated HLJ Policy Regarding MP-05 Megatron

Hobby Link Japan has clarified its policy regarding their release of the upcoming Masterpiece Megatron figure, which transforms into a realistic, if oversized, Walther P-38 UNCLE Special handgun.  Allspark staffer Drivaaar's post in this thread reveals that HLJ will not ship the toy to US addresses without placing a blaze orange-colored cap on the barrel, due to US safety laws, and will not be able to sell the figure as "unopened" on their website.  Click "Read More" to read all of HLJ's comment.

HobbyLink Japan's policy on the TKT76016 MP-05 Masterpiece Megatron is
as follows:

For customers in the United States ONLY, HobbyLink Japan will be placing
a plastic orange cap over the end of the barrel in order to keep this
toy in compliance with Title 15, Chapter 76 of the United States Code.

See: http://frwebgate.access.gpo.gov/cgi-bin/getdoc.cgi?

Installing this cap on the item will require our staff to open the
packaging, which will break any tape sealing the box flaps. This will be
performed with the utmost care, but of course it will prevent us from
delivering this product to US customers in "unopened" condition. Note
that without this modification, your purchase could be confiscated by
the US Customs Service and/or you could be charged with a crime under
the above US Federal Law.

HobbyLink Japan understands and appreciates the desires of US-based toy
collectors related to merchandise of this nature, and we feel this is
the best solution to meet those needs under the circumstances. In order
to maintain your item's compliance with US laws, we recommend that you
not snap off the plastic cap after you have received the item.

Joseph Tsai Yiing Haur
HobbyLink Japan (www.hlj.com)