Transformers Movie Roleplay Toys: Transforming Spy Gear

{mosimage}It's a carabiner! It's an undercover listening device! It's a dessert topping! It's a floor wax!  It's all of these things in one (except for the dessert topping and floor wax, although, given the glut of astf merchandise that we're about to encounter, those are sure to crop up on ebay soon).  Anti Spark has pointed this auction out to us for a small roleplay kit featuring… things.  They're labelled as "carabiners" but resemble no mountain climbing equipment this sedentary reporter has encountered, and they transform into an undercover listening device, motion sensor, and night scope– the regenesis of "Spy Tech" from the 1980s, it seems, with a new transforming MO.  You can talk about this odd non-mainline item on our forums.