Transformers: More Than Meets The Aww!

{mosimage}In what is sure to elicit many a "squee!" (and likely quite a few "WTCHOP?!"s as well), well-known Chinese ebayer SPX has brought us our first clear looks at the upcoming Transformers: Robot Heroes figures, which are adorable "toddler-friendly" versions of our favorite G1 characters, done up like the Star Wars Galactic Heroes and Marvel Superhero Squad toys.  The first wave includes at least Bumblebee, Soundwave, Shockwave and Grimlock, joining the previously-seen Optimus Prime and cassette Ravage.  You can discuss the news here on our forums, and view the images in our galleries.

Update: You can also see Rodimus, Insecticon (Shrapnel), Optimus Prime and Ravage in this thread at TFW, taken from Ebay auctions by SPX.