Transformers Club Breakway Revealed

Breakaway, the upcoming third member of the Transformers fan club's freebie combiner team, has been unveiled on the club's official website.  The figure, which is a redeco of the second Basic-sized jet from the Superion Maximus team, is shown in a photoshopped mockup of his final colors, aligning with the red and blue scheme of Skyfall and Landquake.  It's interesting to note that "Breakaway" is one of the first instances of a brand-new trademark being used for a club or convention figure, as Hasbro's not used the name in Transformers or GI Joe before.  Breakaway should be available in the spring, and is free if your membership is active as of March 16, 2007.  You can view the image here, and discuss it on our forums here.