Masterpiece Megatron: News and Notes

Masterpiece Megatron's release looms ever closer, and has posted some new images from Dengeki Hobby magazine, featuring the packaging for MP-05 (which displays his gun mode, something a lot of potential importers were dreading) as well as some images of his accessories and transformation.

Additionally, in the discussion thread on our forums, JRs Toyworld's Bill has indicated that his vendor mentioned a "Hasbro-ready" MP05 figure.  It's kind of a cryptic designation– could it mean that Hasbro will be releasing their own version of the figure, or is it corroboration of the rumor that TakaraTomy will be modifying the figures with the blaze orange safety cap to mark it as a replica weapon?  We'll probably find out soon, as the figure is slated for release at the end of March.