IDW Solicitations for May

IDW has just rounded up all of its solicitations for the month of May, and there are some major landmark pieces coming out in that month.  Not only are we to be treated to two brand-new stories– one the fourth part of the astf prequel comic, the other being the first issue in the Megatron spotlight miniseries– but IDW serves up its first G2 reprint (issue #6, along with The War Within #4, and the first issue of IDW's animated movie adaptation) in "Transformers: The Greatest Battles of Optimus Prime and Megatron".  Additionally, May also brings a Don Figueroa collection, featuring the fan-gone-pro's best work, sketches, and stuff no one's ever seen before.  Dovetailing nicely with that is the second volume of IDW's Transformers Cover Gallery, with art by M.D. Bright, Nick Roche, Robby Musso and more.  Finally, IDW will release something many fans have been clamoring for: Transformers: The Ark – A Complete Compendium of Transformers Animation Models, featuring over 500 character models and studies, many of which have never been seen outside of Japan (unless you purchased Million Books's Transformers: Generations, but not many have).  You can read the solicitations at Comics Continuum here, and discuss the news on our forums here.