Hasbro Press Releases: Movie, Timeline, Vocabulary

Hasbro has issued a new press release today with information about the astf coming in July.  Along with the image of the Optimus Prime toy that was revealed earlier today on Wizard's website, you will also find descriptions of numerous products tieing into the movie, as well as a general description of the film and who is starring in it.  You can find this press release here.

Hasbro has also published two other press releases today:

Transformers Timeline – A timeline of key TRANSFORMERS brand milestones.
– Learn to speak the vocabulary of Cybertron – Before blockbuster movie opens on july 4, know the difference between AUTOBOTS and DECEPTICONS.  Note: G1 and Botcon apparently mean the same in the Cybertron vocab that they do in ours, and of course the definition of "Allspark" is incomplete in this list.  🙂