48 Pages of Wholesome Welsh Goodness

{mosimage}Last year, in one of the fandom's most impressive undertakings, future Allspark staffer Kris "Drivaaar" Carter, with the best wishes of the entire Iacon Art Gallery crew, began work on "Courage Under Fire", a brief fan-comic featuring a mixture of fan-created and canon-origin Transformers characters. It was an instant, massive hit.  Later, he started work on a follow-up, "Crisis of Conscience", which met with even more resounding approval.  Most recently, Drivaaar posted the third chapter to his magnum opus, "Out of Time", which is still gathering acclaim in our art forum.  Today, the Allspark is proud to announce the entire collection is now available in the same place for the first time.  Head on over to our image galleries, and read all 48 pages of the adventures of Quartz, Headline, Defunct, Lieger, Ursa Magnus and more!

This project could not have come to fruition without the dedication of Kris, as well as Jake "Inkerguy" Isenberg, Josh "GodFireConvoy" Burcham, Winston "VP" Bolen, and Matt "Matt Moylan" Moylan, who provided much of the fantastic coloring and inking seen in the comic.