Toyfair UK Report: “Automorph” Technology

{mosimage}Allsparker Prowlus2 has returned from Toyfair UK with a report, and although there were slim pickings with regards to Transformers intel from the Hasbro reps, he did happen upon some great displays with info on the movie toys.  Of note is a page of descriptions for the movie toys, including this blurb on the listing for "Transformers Movie Leader":

"All toys come with lights and sounds to bring the action to life!  Also has advanced automorph technology that moves multiple pieces when 1 piece is moved.  Features Try-Me packaging."

Also included are descriptions of the Cyber Slammers toys, Cyber Stompin' Toys, and more!  You can view the thread here!

We have mirrored the pictures in our Image Gallery in case of bandwidth issues.