Titanium News: Alt Modes, Future Figures

{mosimage}The Titanium line is the subject of plenty of news today, with new pictures and promises of future releases.  First, on the toys we already knew about, Cyclone X of the 2005Boards has sharp pictures of Cheetor and The Fallen in-package and in both modes, along with smaller pictures of many of the upcoming toys — including War Within Megatron — in both modes.

Now, on to the figures we're just now learning about.  Future 6-inch Titanium toys will reportedly include Skywarp (likely a War Within Seeker repaint to match Thundercracker, Starscream and Sunstorm), Primal Prime (likely repaint of Optimal Optimus), Soundblaster with Ravage (Soundwave repaint with a new-mold cassette in place of Laserbeak), Grimlock (expected to be the War Within version), and Prowl (unclear whether War Within or G1 mold).

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