TF Movie Ratchet In Packaging – Clearer Images Of Bio

Fellow allsparker Bass X0 updates us and links to an thread on TFW2005, where 2005 member Yurre have gotten hold off high resolution images of astf Ratchet in packaging. The images is from an eBay auction, held by seller "minmeiiloveyou". Besides the fact that one can study the packaging in details, we now also have the chance to look at Ratchet's bio without peeling the eyes blindingly close to the screen.

Go here to check out the images, and if you feel like commenting on this, please feel free to do so in this thread, started by Type-Q.  Many thanks to allsparker Bass X0, Yurre of TFW2005 and of course eBay seller minmeiiloveyou for the news!