SWTF Death Star = Darth Vader?

{mosimage}In a recent article we reported that a new listing was showing up for a Star Wars Transformer Death Star.  Now further confirmation comes from the UK Toy Fair, including a specific character name:

"Anyways the item in question is a new Star Wars Transformer. It's Darth vader, and the one I saw stood 10 – 12" tall (at a guess). Whilst I don't collect the Star Wars Transformers line, I instantly recognised that it wasn't the one that transforms into Darth Vader's TIE Fighter.

Instead this one transforms into the Death Star. I didn't see it transformed, so have no idea how good or bad it looks, but I expact we'll see it at the US ToyFair next month."

You can view the original report here on action-figure.com.  Thanks to Xybot for originally posting this at the 2005Boards and BassX0 for starting a discussion thread.


Courtesy of MightyMegs, we now have images of Death Star Vader and he's massiveThanks to The Private Universe for the image!


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