Sparkbots: New Kissplay Characters

News from an odd source, this time: Specifically, this article from the Transformers Wikia brings us news of a future Kissplay release: the Eggbots, obscure Takara Microman molds last released during the Japanese run of Beast Wars, will feature into the Kissplay storyline, and are described as follows:

The Sparkbots are a trio of Transformers who claim to be servants of Primus. They transform from glowing spheres into small robots of various configurations. They have the ability to fly, communicate telepathically, and apparently also to travel through time when their abilities are activated by a kiss.

The figures, Angela, Stardust, and Zangetsu (all are somewhat obtuse sky-related puns; Zangetsu is Japanese for "crescent moon"), are likely e-hobby releases for later this quarter.  Thanks to SwiftEagle and Quezovercoatl of KissKiss, by way of S. Nakas's Japanese site , for the info.