Scalectrix Details – Toyfair UK

Along with all of the other items shown at Toyfair UK, the new Scalectrix set was on display…sort of.  New TF @ The Moon member break has posted the following:

"I went to the UK Toyfair too and the scalextric set was there but was 'hidden' in a secret room on the Hornby stand apparently by Hasbro's request. The set features Bumblebee and Barricade and the figures/cars are very similar to the old scalextric set of the 80's as in they flip up to robot mode but can carry on racing. The Hornby rep. said there were plans for other sets (featuring other characters) depending on the films success.
The secret room was decked out with pictures of Bumblebee & Barricade on the walls and they really looked impressive. Someone also commented on how amazing the 'bots look in the film."

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