HLJ To Modify MP-05 Megatron – Orange Barrel Tip

Masterpiece Megatron is a great looking toy, with lots of accessories, and he's faithful to the original toy in many ways…including the fact that he is a gun, and therefore won't meet US safety standards without some modifications to his appearance.  The debate has raged over Masterpiece Megatron as to whether any online retailers will be able to get him into the country without modifying him, or if they will follow suit to BBTS in adding orange paint to the barrel tip.  One retailer that was in the unknown category was HLJ…but no longer.  Powered Convoy has relayed a letter his friend received from HLJ upon inquiry of their plans to modify MP-05:

"Hi, I'm sorry to inform you that we will be making any adjustments necessary to the item in order to comply with US customs law. Even though it is packed in robot mode, it can still be transformed into a realistic looking gun and thus would require an orange tip at the end of the barrel. This is evident in Hasbro's TF Classics Megatron that although his alt mode does not resemble a real gun but it still has a bright orange tip.

Thanks for your understanding.

Joseph Tsai Yiing Haur
HobbyLink Japan (www.hlj.com)"