FantoFan Updates: Nike FREE, MP3 Soundwave

Not a whole lot to report on TakaraTomy's new "Sports and Music" focus, but we do have some interesting tidbits courtesy Type-Q and

The particular shoe model that Megatron and Convoy are based on is the Nike spring FREE 7.0; the figures feature real shoelaces that "can be untied to initiate transformation."  Whether this means untying the shoe will trigger an auto-transformation, or whether the laces just tie the figure shut, remains to be seen.  Additionally, the figures will be packaged in a smaller version of Nike's shoebox (as these are 1/2 scale figures).

iPod Convoy, on the other side of the Sports and Music aisle, will feature a brand new head sculpt and, as already reported, is fully licensed by Apple.

Currently, there is no indication that any of these items will see release in the US, but given the impending glut of Transformers merchandise coming in the next few months, anything's possible.