Classics 2-Pack, Classics Dlx Wave 3 Released At US Retail

Time to start hitting the stores, Classics fans!  Two big releases are showing up in stores today and the hunt is officially back on! 

{mosimage}First, and perhaps of greatest interest, the Target exclusive Classics 2-Pack containing Ultra Magnus (Optimus Prime redeco) and Skywarp (Starscream redeco) is now out in stores!  TF community vet Tim Formas has posted a sighting (with picture) on the 2005Boards, and Robogeek28 has started a thread on it in our forums

Second, and currently unconfirmed, is a report on the Sir Steve's Guide forums that Classics Deluxe Ramjet and Cliffjumper have been located.  Again, although confirmed, this sighting comes on the heels of BBTS receiving stock of Cliffjumper, so it's likely to be accurate.

Keep an eye on our Sightings Forum to see when these items hit shelves in your local stores!